Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Corporate Learning Leverage

from Stewart

Knowledge sharing is key. It doesn't happen unless people are physically close together. MIT's Thomas Allen found that in the 70s, communication drops off significantly after 30'.

Management is asking all workers to make decisions. Better train them in decision-making, eh?

Learning by doing means work is being done as people learn. Furthermore, learning by doing builds contacts. The greatest value of attending Crotonville or Big Blue or Harvard B-School is the people one meets, not the course content.

Build informal learning into work. Make it easy and okay to ask for help.

Focus on training for what differentiates the company, the core.

Nurture communities of practice. Convert workers into colleagures. (Austin at Omega anecdote).

Learning is adaptation that better integrates the learner into networks that matter. To learn is to improve one's fit with networks that matter.

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