Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Learning Hacks

Incoming email:

I’ve been trying to solve a problem but am not getting a good solution. The thing is that I read a lot about elearning, learning theories and other related stuff on the web as well as in books. At the end of say a month or so, though I know I’ve read this, but I don’t have a way of retrieving or accessing the same information. I have lost it. I desperately want to keep track of my learning and want that all to be easily accessible. I face the same problem with maintaining contacts.


Keep a journal. At first, keep it personal. Write down what you want to do. Write down what you learn. Put in names and numbers. I have single files named 2005, 2004, 2003... going back a dozen years.

Later, after you've got the rhythm, you may make some of your information public, as a blog.

These days I keep a variety of private blogs, too. It's easy to add to them from wherever I may be. The internet is my hard drive.

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