Friday, April 29, 2005


Next D Journal

GK VanPatter:
The notion you often come back to that "learning is remembering what you are interested in...."

Richard Saul Wurman: I mean there is no way anyone can find a fault in that statement and nobody ever has. Under deep challenge, nobody has. And if it is so, the entire makeup of the educational system would change.

GK VanPatter: Well that path through the forest is one with many implications. It is a disruptive path that would not sync well with the many systems within education already in place.

Richard Saul Wurman: In fact many things are done to do just the opposite. The parents telling kids to stop asking so many questions, don't be interested in automobiles, don't be interested in this or that, and do your school work. Many of the systems in place are actually antithetical to how people find the joy of learning.

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