Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jay's Personal Info Management

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Heaven knows how much time I spent skimming knowledge, following threads, gawking at photos. Mary Hodder "doesn't do paper." In the e-world, she saves everything. Zounds. RSS can be a universal frontend.

Gmail is getting me into the routine. Discard when I feel like it. Save anything I may want to come back to. Sort when I need something.

As a systems thinker, I need to look at inflow, processing, and outcomes. It gets chaotic very quickly. I just read a very insightful article by Dave Snowden. Reading it, I had to stop and reflect a number of times. I laughed. Play-within-a-play again. I cut and pasted particularly interesting text into InfoSelect. I need the electronic equivalent of those little colored tabs one uses to mark pages in books.

Static knowledge used to be important: it's in the books on the shelves. Now that the world has sped up, knowledge is ever changning and what's important is the flow.

Tag literacy.

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