Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Life is an open-book exam

Dramatis Personae

In the past, theories of learning focused primarily at the individual, conveniently ignoring the fact that humans are social animals, we are enveloped in culture and tradition, and always in the company of other people. Harkening back to The Muppet Show, and Fozzi the bear's great riddle, I call this figure "Noman." (Noman is an island.)

This is a group, specifically a work group. It's here because often having a competency in one person in a group is sufficient. Only one person in a real estate office needs to be a notary.

These symbolize the connected individual, a worker who is a plugged into the net. When I speak of a learner or a worker, I assumed that they are connected.

In sales training, it's given that all trainees have a phone. The unit that must perform is salesperson+phone. Sales training doesn't bother with alternatives such as catching the bus for face-to-face meetings or sending smoke signals.

Similarly, among knowledge workers, especially in the future, it's a good bet that they have ready access to the net. They use it as facilely as we use a phone.

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