Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Augmented World

Doug Engelbart's license plate

You know what? The internet changed everything. Or maybe I should say that it's in the process of changing everything. Nay-sayers and a few lame-brained senators point to the dot-com meltdown with a condescending "I told you so" look. Fanatics believe that ubiquitous porn is proof positive that the net is the devil's seed. Some people just don't get it.

Nonetheless, the world has never had anything even close to the internet before. Soon you'll have a pocket-sized device with access to anyone and just about any information on earth. Distance doesn't matter. Virtual reality is poised to make a comeback. The internet is the great equalizer, the flattener of playing fields and the avatar of individual freedom.

From here on, the issue is not what the worker has committed to memory and can demonstrate on an exam. Rather, it's the power of the worker and her net connection, toolset, social network, and community support that matter. What can they do?

There's no excuse not to document a meeting. Rather than keep notes manually, etc.

Augmented learners, augmented meetings, augmented advice functions, and automated

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