Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Book Point of View

What's my take on Informal Learning?

ILis just about everything but school, courses, and genes, and yet it's treated as a second-class citizen. It deserves most recognition. Time to bring it out in the light, recognize its value.

Organizations that do not nurture informal learning are missing a great opportunity. How can they afford to leave it almost entirely to chance? We can learn from companies that have ploughed new ground.

Individuals increasingly control their own learning destinies. Learning is the key to fulfilling work and a happy life. There's lot of talk about learning to learn but little action. I want to share some attitudes, techniques, short-cuts, and tricks of the trade. Free range or self-service learners.

To achieve success, you must take resonsiblity for your own growth and progress. This entails shaping your mind to achieve your goals

Artificial distinctions between training, performance support, knowledge management, OJT, and informal learning are distractions. Performance is the goal.

Schools have brainwashed us into supporting an obsolete model of learning. Telling, content, wisdom, timing: the school model has it all wrong.

Workers are overloaded. Too much information. Too much change. Too little stability. No boss. Anxiety, stress, white water, improv. Need to be able to hop off the treadmill and think ourselves into a better mental space.

We are still escaping the industrial age/military C&C mindset. Small pieces loosely joined. Networks. Connections.

High time to redefine learning, beginning with its outcomes. Learning is adapting to one's ecosystem, improving one's fit. Social ranks #1, both personally and professionally.

Optimism works better. AI. Seligman. Be all that you can be.
All of us are smarter than any of us.

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