Sunday, July 03, 2005

Book reflections and lists


workflow concept embraces org as a system. Plugs into higher levels. White space and the boxes. Adaptation is a process, not an event.

the disservice of school: get use to someone else in charge of your learning. new dynamic: who's in charge?

how to get them engaged? socially acceptable hunting license. Purpose. Content that is propositional, hypothetical, not presumptuous.

Standards. enable flexibility and decentralization by setting boundaries. efficient. enable focus on local needs. coordinate, not control. Take control by giving control. replace command and control with coordinate and cultivate.

active learning: judge, don't just listen. 99% of talk of learning is really about teaching. "learning" is about jumping through hoop. informal means it's my hoop. what are people learning when they are not learning what we want them to? duguid. skepticism key. pay attention. kevin: no lectures for him.
choose your outcome. toyota. goals (balanced scorecard) vs johnosn (capability)

learning as a change in capacity.
control: love to learn, hate to be taught

self-service learners

individual hacks: what can i learn from this? optimism/seligman, alert/serendipity, map, outside comfort, loose ties.
parking affirmations, math tutor, nursery design, bicycle lesson. mary: never throws away posts. 100000 in aggregator. "I don't do paper."
just ask. cultivate experts. klieiner who's in charge

remix. blind. nothing new.

make = martha stewart for geeks

add FAQ, wiki?

robin: no teacher, no student, guides and coaches

take notes, don't make notes. he never looks back.

flow model of learning: see book

metalearning lab

learning to be. inspire others.


classes, courses, presentations dead.

alumni website: need examples

systems thinking, network expansion

whole body. stress. fear. calm. healthy.

mit open source project

humans are pattern seeking, story-telling animals. Our old stories don't work very well any more. We're sitting around the campfire.

:Confusion is just another term for we haven't found the pattern yet.
putdown by execs. justified

Boxes and Arrows: : What was the trigger for your book?
Steve Krug: Honestly? I wrote it so I could double my consulting rates.


book stories

altus. rapid elearning. disintermediate the sme.
form cops. self assess & mgr validatoin
return on knowledge
variable return: focus on the best/more informal

jay story: origin, gordon mackensie,

time: pre now next

elf to emergent

book story
reading skimming interviews maps

ph d program at GMU

past interviews on book

Tom Stewart
Marcia Conner
Clark Quinn
Kevin Wheeler
Paul Duguid
George Leonard
Doug Kaye

Dave Dougherty
John Adams
Mark Rosenberg
Robert Hathaway
John Seely Brown

Roger Parker

regan: Nick?
Tim O'Reilly: DIY, hackers, new shapes
Don Novello 415 258 0843
Dale: 707 827 7128
Bill Mitchell 617 452 3226
caterpillar guy:
Rob Cross: social networks, story of loose ties & Granovetter
Joh Taylor Gatto
IBMer from Guild Meeting
Jim Gibbons 650 245 7565 July 16?
Judith Meskill - get skyped

eileen hintisch . how experts learn. mental maps. U Colorado

etay at sap 650 282 4725
ideo boys

steve kerr
guido sarducci

stan malcolm
marissa levins info experts 703 787 9100 ext 12 (from GD)
Diane Dodge teaching strategies 202 572 2000


professor Nancy van House
syllabus for 212. bruno la tour


peter lorton on stories
dave snowden

kevin kelly
susan stucky
george siemens
john cone
jon udell
michael shrage
mark finnern
roger shank
dave winer
seb paquet
david weinberger


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