Monday, July 25, 2005

Bottom Up

Disruption in the ecosystem. Individual overload. Organizational bonkers. Dysfunctional responses. Natural outcome. Takes the right lens to see it. Complexity. Coming of bio models. Still stuck in World War II, son of industrial age. Adoption is slow, diffusion of innovation. Go to the edge to find what's next. Today's edge is tomorrow's center. (Model this)

Bottom-up. The individual matters. Cluetrain honesty. The personal butterfly effect. Co-evolution of the species. This may be the Rosetta Stone of learning.

At the top end, it's sustainability. Conscious Evolution. The world ecosystem. But that's the result of individual action.

For the individual, it's the ecosystems that matter. And high time to expand the circle.

Natural learning? Fitness training? Ambient learning? 24/7 learning? Persistent learning?

Learning without a curriculum is like performing without a supervisor. Guidance required. Gardeners, not trainers.

(Get in touch with Denham on this. Also Don Clark.)

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