Thursday, September 15, 2005

design thoughts

Design Thoughts

The future of education is outside of education. It is in the everyday life. In business, in the world. In life long learning. But the principles can be applied inside of formal education as well. They require a change in thinking, to move toward problem-centered, meaningful activities in the classroom. To exploit people's interests and subvert them to lead to natural, inspired learning activities. To exploit group interactions and social themes. To change teachers into guides and mentors. And to recognize that education should take place over a lifetime, not just in the formal classrooms of the first few decades of life.

You already know all that, right? That's exactly what you have just been taught. The hard part is making it happen, and that's where you will need all the skills you have learned: social change, social policy, human psychology, and human development. It is not going to be easy.

Don Norman

Speed (time)
Web: from communication to network
Static to dynamic content
Really just speeding the movie up
Like Disney Living Desert or cars racing


Sinking in:
Uncertainty, surprise
Loose coupling
Barriers falling/openness

User content
Rated content

Humanity, not machines

Triple bottom line:

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