Saturday, September 10, 2005

Translate, translate, translate the summary

I translated the the Copernic summary into French, the French into Germany, and the German back into English. Breaking it into paragraphs, this is the result:


This morning was I blog
from good reading blackbird,
which looks for an evaluation of
a special report APP concatenation,
if an article on highjacked
the concatenation 2.0 my attention.

The strength PC Web 2.0 of nets is the age,
where the people are enus
ven to be conscious that it is not the software,
which permits the concatenation of this of the topics
so much as services,
which are supplied over the concatenation.

Concatenation 1.0 was one age,
where the people could think
that Netscape (a software company) was,
the candidate for the crown
of the computer industry;

Concatenation 2.0 is one age,
where the people identify that the line
in the computer industry traditional
software companies changed over
to a new kind of the society of InterNet services.

At the place of the obvious conception,
which is the interface,
to satisfy the concatenation services
have the interfaces become
at this same contents after programs.

Jerry Michalski wrote recently that
Bill Gates and Arbeiten von Steve
created the independent systems,
while Doug considered angel beard,
to connect itself with others.

Microsoft struck the large time
with an operating system at plates
for the PC of the standard defacto from IBM.

But the documents of Microsoft are
too large for co-operation, and
its formats of commercial property
do not permit the concatenation
and remélange necessary for creativity.

Microsoft wants everyone
has a rich office experience,
Google wants that everyone
has a rich InterNet experience.

We are now used at this paradigm,
and an optimist can hope
that concatenation contents
will become only better with time:
metadata ajouté will be,
from the descriptions one keeps
more deeply clearer materials
and more complete references.

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