Sunday, February 26, 2006


"You cannot manage what you cannot measure"
"You cannot manage what you don't commnicate"
:Wise words from John W. Thompson, CEO of Symantec, speaking at the ETL Seminar Series.

Counter-Terrorism L

It is an old management theory which goes back to the time of 'time and
motion' studies in the Detroit car industry and the basis of this theory is
that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. It definitely makes sense,
you need to have information on the number of units you have sold, the
performance of the sales people, the cost of all units, the number of units
manufactured per hour per shop floor employee, the number of tickets punched
per hour, number of defects per 1000 widgets, etc. If you don't know these
figures, you cannot improve on them, you cannot identify the problem, you
cannot think about resolutions and solutions and you certainly cannot do any
kind of forward planning.

recently wrote: "It has long been said you cannot manage what you
cannot measure. Nowhere is this more true than on the Web -- where
examining what works and what doesn't directly influences the bottom

That history leaves many executives wondering
what their IT organizations actually own, he says. And with good
reason. "You cannot manage what you cannot measure," says Murphy, an analyst at Forrester Research.

The old management adage says: "You cannot manage what you don't measure." Common measurement tools are sales targets, league standings, satisfaction surveys, click-thru rates, and in project work, "percentage complete", "estimate to completion" etc. Consulting Academy You Cannot Manage What You Do Not Measure Federal Buildings Initiative - Audit Standards Guidelines<
You can't manage what you don't measure: Collecting data with Tivoli Web Site Analyzer
The foundation of any sound sourcing strategy is creating an inventory. One cannot manage what one cannot measure. Telwares

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