Sunday, February 19, 2006

Short courses by phone

on, i found a link to "short courses by telephone." an hour in length. one scheduled time. $50. christ, i could do that.

ADD Courses by Phone

Relationship Self Defense for Women (Mar. 13 - Sari Solden)

The Care and Feeding of the ADD Brain (Mar. 16 - Dr. Ratey)

The Biology of Attention and the Brain (Mar. 20 - Dr. Ratey)

Courses About Marriage and Relationships by Phone

Relationship Check Up (Monthly - Dr. Hallowell or Dr. Ratey)

The ADD Marriage for the ADD Spouse (Mar. 6 - Dr. Hallowell)

The ADD Marriage for the Non-ADD Spouse (Feb. 28 or Mar. 28 - Dr. Hallowell)

At first I couldn't figure out why each entry had a graphic stating "By Phone" -- with an option to see it larger BY PHONE!! Then I realized the good doctors were using the same cheesy electronic store software as I.

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